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  • Someone Has Been Disarranging These Rose | 北丘当代美术馆

    someone has been disarranging these roses 2023.9.9-2024.1.18 Someone Has Been Disarranging These Rosesdelves into the historical and present context of BMCA’s site –Beijige Mountain, and investigates the pivotal role it has played in the evolution of meteorological science in China.Departing from the spectral atmosphere of the museum's locus, the exhibition brings together about 20 artists,architects, and researchers from six countries to create a constellation of artworks engaging with this historicallineage andoffering different perspectives towards the omnipresent reality of climate crisis. Hu Yun, Star , 2017-2018, Meteorite, 3D print, music box, acrylic box, 60×40×12 cm, Commission by OCAT Xi’an, Courtesy of the artist, HOW Art Museum and AIKE Gallery Kadambari Baxi & Research Group,Air Drifts , 2016, HD video accompanied bydrawings, diagrams, and texts, Research group includes Janette Kim, Meg McLagan,David Schiminovich, and Mark Wasiuta, In collaboration with scientists at NASAGlobal Modeling and Assimilation Office, Maryland, US, Courtesy of the artist Beijige serves as a point of convergence for the history and reality of Nanjing and China. It weaves together various elements, including ancient myths / Daoist traditions, solar terms / agricultural activities, modern meteorological science / intellectual individuals in China's modernization process (such as Zhu Kezhen, the founder of the Central Meteorological Observatory in Beijige), as well as civil defense projects / consumer spaces, collectively producing a complex, ambiguous, and romantic environment. The museum's existing spaces further consolidate this essence, blending together mountain terrain, air raid shelters, and the "white cube" gallery environment. The exhibition seeks to portray this compressed moment through image and sound, and to extract the dynamic imagery of wind, rain, cloud, etc. It evolves from the perception of such phenomenon to the intangible existence of data clouds, and ultimately to the cultural and political weather and climate at large. Architect Naitian Yang’s choreography of the exhibition space creates an experience that negotiates with theexisting concrete structure and resonates with the oscillating cadence of weather itself. In a time when weather andclimate issues have transcended theoretical discourse and become an urgent reality, the exhibition endeavors tointegrate people and weather into the same fluid, precarious, and crucial state. The artworks within the exhibitionallude to what might conventionally be termed "bad weather", yet the binary idea of "good / bad" is no longerapplicable to our judgments of weather. Beyond a human-centered perspective, the synthesis of chaos emerges asthe norm of weather, where "good" and "bad" coalesce. It pervades every aspect of existence, whether living or not. The participating artists in this exhibition include: Ben Rivers, Zike He, Yun Hu, James Benning, James Bridle,Kadambari Baxi & Research Group, Luo Li, Ke Lin, Philippe Rahm, Ling Wen, Zhen Xu, Ming Ya, Yang Yang,Yutaka Sone, Bo Zheng, and June Lee June LEE,Dragon Temple East Lake, 2015 ~ Now, Couplet, red, paper, ink,brochure, paper, black and white laser print, saddle stitch, Dimensions variable,Courtesy of the artist Lin Ke,Download Rain No.2, 2014, Video, performing arts, performance, 2 minutes34 seconds, Courtesy of the artist and BANKMABSOCIETY Xu Zhen,8848-1.86, 2005, Single-channel digital video (colour, sound)8 minutes, Courtesy of the artist and MadeIn Gallery

  • About | 北丘当代美术馆

    ABOUT The Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art (BMCA) is situated on the hillside garden at Catherine Park in the Xuanwu District of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with its back against the Chicken Cage Mountain near the Beiji Pavilion. It stands as the first art museum in the nation to be located on a city center's hillside, combining contemporary art collection, exhibition, research and development, and education in one facility. The museum's principal structure has preserved its original appearance from over twenty years ago and underwent restoration and reinforcement six years prior. The 1,100 square meter area is ingeniously integrated with the verdant hillside garden. The interior of the exhibition halls, constructed with exposed concrete, reflects a blend of industrial and natural aesthetics. This place is a nexus where history, nature, and reality converge, fostering a dialogue between the avant-garde and tradition. Here, the Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art (BMCA) engages with the concepts of locality, multimodality, and the uncertainty of contemporary art.

  • Member Page | 北丘当代美术馆

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  • Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art | BMCA

    What's on Testimony for the Future The dual exhibition "Testimony for the Future" by Gao Lei and Li Nu, curated by Zhu Zhu, is presented in the main hall and tunnel space of BMCA. It showcases the artists' significant works in recent years, their latest creations, and commissioned works by the Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art . The curator imagines the museum's space, akin to an air-raid shelter, as a place for the artists to store and share their works, which, when opened one day in the future, will serve as evidence of the intersecting lives of two individuals and as a collective memory and reflection of this era. Book Now Past Exhibitions Exhibition someone has been disarranging these roses 2023.9.9-2024.1.28 Tunnel project Inquisition valley 2023.9.9-2024.1.28 READ MORE TUNNEL PROJECT In 2023, the Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art unveiled a hidden annex within its premises, serving as a brand-new exhibition space. It launched the "Tunnel Project," inviting young creators to participate based on their interpretation of the tunnel space located on one side of a mountain, presenting site-specific individual artist projects. READ MORE Public Education READ MORE The Impression of Deep Blue : A Cyanotype Event Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dream Tales Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses Store Shop All Address Catherine Park, No. 1 Beijing East Road, Nanjing Phone 025-86219156 Email Connect

  • PUBLIC EDUCATION | 北丘当代美术馆

    The Impression of Deep Blue : A Cyanotype Event Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dream Tales Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses

  • Open Recruitment | 北丘当代美术馆

    Tunnel project Open Call for Submissions! Open Call for Submissions! Open Call for Submissions! The Tunnel Space is located alongside the main exhibition hall of BMCA and is a narrow space (about 3 meters wide and 20 meters long) resembling a tunnel, with one side facing a mountain. We have preserved the space's original load-bearing beams and old pipes, only renovating the walls and adding lighting tracks. This maintains the potential for various experimental interventions in this space. ​ The "Tunnel Project" is characterized by the keywords : youthful, experimental, an d local. As an art museum, we aim to provide young artists with opportunities to showcase their creations , while also addressing the u rgency of self and locality . In this project, we do not limit the mediums of the artwork and are even more encouraging of experimental mediu ms, hoping these works will exhibit an unusual energy in this unique space. As an institution based in Nanjing, we are open to collaborating with artists related to Nanjing, but we also welcome exhibition projects with fresh ideas from all over the cou ntry . We hereby extend a sincere invitation for open recruitment and welcome everyone to submit their exhibition proposals to us, hoping we have the opportunity to assist in realizing them. In addition to the use of the space, we will provide professional staff support for the project implementation, as well as meet the equipment and construction needs of the exhibition. Requirements Application Mate rials Artwork and exhibition proposal and explanation; Artist's resume and port folio. ​ Application Time and Method This project is open for long-term recruitment, and we welcome your projects at any time! Please send your materials to the official email: Email subject: Tunnel Project + Applicant's Name ​ More Space Information Moisture: The space is damp, with seepage from the mountain on rainy days. Pipes: Various pipes crisscross the space, unavoidable. Windows: There are opaque windows through which the opposite vertical cliff can be vaguely seen. Columns: The space is not fully open due to intersecting columns that obstruct the view.

  • Admission | 北丘当代美术馆

    ADMISSION ADMISSION For On-site Purchases Visit the service desk at BMCA , located on the 3rd Floor of Catherine Park ​ For Online Purchases F ree Admission Policy: ​ ​ Buy Tickets Children: Youth under the age of 12 (excluding 12-year-olds) can enter for free with valid identification documents. Seniors: Individuals aged 60 and over (including those who are 60) can enter for free with valid identification documents. Persons with Disabilities: People with disabilities can enter for free with valid identification documents. Note: Children under 12 (excluding), seniors, those with mobility issues, and persons with severe disabilities must be accompanied by an adult with the ability to ensure safety. The accompanying adult must enter with a ticket. Military Personnel: Active duty soldiers, veterans, retired military officers, and retired non-commissioned officers of the People's Republic of China, as well as recipients of national pensions and subsidies, can enter for free with valid identification documents. Fire and Rescue Personnel: Fire and rescue personnel (including those who are active, retired, disabled, students of fire and rescue academies, and full-time government firefighters) can enter for free with valid identification documents. Museum and Art Gallery Staff: Registered staff of both state-owned and private museums and art galleries can enter for free upon presenting valid identification documents. Free Admission Process: Present the reservation QR code and a valid ID at the service desk on the 8th Floor of Deji Plaza Phase II to activate your ticket and exchange it for a paper ticket. Entry is granted by scanning the QR code on the paper ticket.

  • visit | 北丘当代美术馆

    Visit Information Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday :10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Entry stops at 5:30 PM daily (Closed on Mondays, open on holidays as usual) ​ Address No. 1 Beijing East Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Catherine Park(above Uni Café) ​ Customer Service Number 025-86219156 ​ Transportation Information Public Transport Subway: Line 1, 4 Bus:Line 3, 11, 20, 26, 30, 46, 47 You can take Subway Line 1 or Line 4 to Gulou Station. Exit from Exit 4B and walk 700 meters to reach Catherine Park, where BMCA is located within the park. ​ Self-Driving You can navigate to the underground parking lot of Catherine Park, take the elevator to 1F , and then walk to the Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Past Exhibition | 北丘当代美术馆

    Exhibition Testimony for the Future ●Exhibition Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses ●Exhibition 21ST CENTURY HERBAL ●Exhibition MEMORIES AND DREAMS: MIRó'S GARDEN ●Exhibition HEY,LOOK AT ME! I'M TOTALLY ENTANGLED WITH NOT-ME! ●Exhibition Beyond genius: picasso's passion and creativity ●Exhibition diving deep for light into darkness ●Exhibition HUA HAO YUE YUAN ●Exhibition HELLO!WORLD!

  • 晦暗里 | 北丘当代美术馆

    diving deep for ​light into darkness 2022.3.18-2022.6.5 Pablo Picasso (Málaga, Spain, 25 October 1881 - Mougins, France, 8 April 1973), is one of the greatgeniuses of 20th century art, with unlimited talent and a voracious need to create. His imagination feedson everything around him. His inspiration finds its sources in ancient cultures, in distant civilizations, or inthe environment that surrounds him. He takes the simplest forms of everyday life and turns them into art. ThisPicasso. Passion and Creationexhibition brings the visitor closer to the ingenious universe createdby the artist through his paintings, etchings, ceramics and photographs. Picasso was equally skilful at allof these techniques; he worked on new approaches to Art that led to innovative creative processes andpioneer forms of expression.As a painter,he started out from Academicism, he created Cubism, and passed through Classicism,Surrealism and Expressionism in what was a constant process of change and rupture, in his never-endingquest for freedom. The human figure, or more specifically portraits, and still lifes were Pablo Picasso’s main themes throughout his career.His drawings and etchings are one of the most important parts of his career, perhaps because it depictedthe restless and risky, tenacious and passionate spirit that characterised him. For Picasso, engravingprovided the means with which to depict his most profound desires, emotions and thoughts. Everything imaginable and even everything he failed to acknowledge as imagined is reflected in his graphicworks. The different personal and artistic obsessions that haunted him throughout his life find an escaperoute here and allow us to track him through each phase of his life and his creative art. Picasso’s graphic art comprises more than 2000 works. He frequently used a mixture of techniques, such as etching and drypoint, or etching and aquatint. As a ceramist, Picasso established an open dialogue with his sculptures. Ceramics allowed him to exercisehis drawing skills, his extraordinary dexterity as a painter, and his subtle talent at modelling shapes. Itsplastic flexibility, together with an avant-garde spirit and his capacity for innovation, carry it beyondtraditional consideration of pottery as a craft to attain the category of Art. Picasso is undoubtedly the most revolutionary and tireless artist of the 20th century. With his creativeforce and his artistic potential, he challenged the norms of his day and broke new ground in the Historyof Art.

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