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The Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art (BMCA) is situated on the hillside garden at Catherine Park in the Xuanwu District of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with its back against the Chicken Cage Mountain near the Beiji Pavilion. It stands as the first art museum in the nation to be located on a city center's hillside, combining contemporary art collection, exhibition, research and development, and education in one facility.

The museum's principal structure has preserved its original appearance from over twenty years ago and underwent restoration and reinforcement six years prior. The 1,100 square meter area is ingeniously integrated with the verdant hillside garden. The interior of the exhibition halls, constructed with exposed concrete, reflects a blend of industrial and natural aesthetics. This place is a nexus where history, nature, and reality converge, fostering a dialogue between the avant-garde and tradition. Here, the Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art (BMCA) engages with the concepts of locality, multimodality, and the uncertainty of contemporary art.

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