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Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dream Tales

On August 26, 2022, the 21st offline event of Cforabc was successfully held at BMCA in Nanjing. Xiang Shoujing, founder of Cforabc and partner of Star Space, had a conversation with Professor Zhang Weijie and artist Xu Maomao from the Spanish Language Department of Nanjing University, titled "Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dream Tales", to discuss Gabriel Ricco's artistic works and the cultural symbols contained therein.

This conversation takes place in the exhibition space of the new exhibition "Gabriel Ricco: Look! I'm Entwined with Non Self" at the Beiqiu Contemporary Art Museum. Half an hour before the event starts, the audience gradually enters the exhibition hall to get up close and admire Gabriel Ricco's artworks.

Starting from the respective backgrounds of the guests, this lecture provides three ways for the audience to understand art through the similarities and differences in the works of two artists. It explores the connections between different cultures from Asia to Latin America, from language to symbols, from material to soul, and from individual subconsciousness to collective unconsciousness.

Cici starts with the theme of Gabriel Ricci's work itself, and by interpreting the most representative work "Ricci's Formula," it triggers discussions between guests and audiences about the meanings of various symbols in the work.

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