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Tunnel project

Open Call for Submissions!

The Tunnel Space is located alongside the main exhibition hall of BMCA and is a narrow space (about 3 meters wide and 20 meters long) resembling a tunnel, with one side facing a mountain. We have preserved the space's original load-bearing beams and old pipes, only renovating the walls and adding lighting tracks. This maintains the potential for various experimental interventions in this space.

The "Tunnel Project" is characterized by the keywords

: youthful, experimental, and local.

As an art museum, we aim to provide young artists with opportunities to showcase their creations, while also addressing the urgency of self and locality.

In this project, we do not limit the mediums of the artwork and are even more encouraging of experimental mediums, hoping these works will exhibit an unusual energy in this unique space. As an institution based in Nanjing, we are open to collaborating with artists related to Nanjing, but we also welcome exhibition projects with fresh ideas from all over the country.

We hereby extend a sincere invitation for open recruitment and welcome everyone to submit their exhibition proposals to us, hoping we have the opportunity to assist in realizing them. In addition to the use of the space, we will provide professional staff support for the project implementation, as well as meet the equipment and construction needs of the exhibition.


Application Materials

Artwork and exhibition proposal and explanation;

Artist's resume and portfolio.

Application Time and Method

This project is open for long-term recruitment, and we welcome your projects at any time!

Please send your materials to the official email:

Email subject: Tunnel Project + Applicant's Name

More Space Information

Moisture: The space is damp, with seepage from the mountain on rainy days.

Pipes: Various pipes crisscross the space, unavoidable.

Windows: There are opaque windows through which the opposite vertical cliff can be vaguely seen.

Columns: The space is not fully open due to intersecting columns that obstruct the view.

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