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someone has been disarranging these roses


After two months of open recruitment and internal discussions, Beiqiu Contemporary Art Museum is honored to announce that we will present the solo exhibition project of young artist Yao Cong, "A Mountain of Closeness" in the first phase of the "Tunnel Project" permanent exhibition hall.


The exhibition "Infinitely Close to the Mountain" echoes the geographical characteristics of Beiqiu Contemporary Art Museum, and also has a spiritual connotation with the exhibition hall of the tunnel project, a long and narrow space suspended on the mountain cliff. During these years of the epidemic, Yao Cong lived in his hometown, staying with the mountains (Zhongnan Mountain in Xi'an), and often went to the northwest to touch the wild peaks. Here, the artist rethinks family relationships, reflects on the inextricable connection with the mountains, and also appreciates the mystery and sublimity in it from the perspective of human geography. Mountains not only serve as the carrier of personal memories, but also serve as the collision between civilization and nature, becoming an implicit or explicit connecting element in the artist's creation. The exhibition brings together some of the artist's images and photography, trying to sort out from "place" how motifs such as "landscape" and "flesh" overlap and grow in the context of the Anthropocene.


The Square Reserve, 2020-2021, 4K 10-screen video 4K, Each video isaround 15 min. Image from Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art


"A Mountain of Closeness",  2023. Image from Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art

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