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  • Testimony for the Future | 北丘当代美术馆

    testimony for the future 2024.3.30-2024.6.30 The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the difference between the space of Beiqiu Museum ofContemporary Art and that of the “White Box”. As an artistic space transformed from an air-raidshelter, the art museum retains the previous structural characteristics and sense of historical relicsas well as its geographic environment that is inseparable from the Jilongshan Mountain. The spaceof the "air-raid shelter" is treated as a place where Gao Lei and Li Nu store and exchange theirworks. One day, far in the future, upon looking back, the door of the “shelter” would be opened,displaying testimony for the collective memory and reflection of the two intersecting individuallives as well as of the present era. Hu Yun, Star , 2017-2018, Meteorite, 3D print, music box, acrylic box, 60×40×12 cm, Commission by OCAT Xi’an, Courtesy of the artist, HOW Art Museum and AIKE Gallery Kadambari Baxi & Research Group,Air Drifts , 2016, HD video accompanied bydrawings, diagrams, and texts, Research group includes Janette Kim, Meg McLagan,David Schiminovich, and Mark Wasiuta, In collaboration with scientists at NASAGlobal Modeling and Assimilation Office, Maryland, US, Courtesy of the artist In the specific structural arrangement of the exhibition, works of the two artists are organicallygrouped together to form direct thematic dialogues, superimposed visual tensions, or understandableinterconnections, weaving the two independent forms of individual creations into a bare thread inthe tunnel of time and space. In terms of their respective methodologies, Gao Lei's expression hasthe constant appearance of rational thinking, while Li Nu constantly shifts between lightness andheaviness, silence and explosion. Their works are both witnesses to reality and metaphysicalinquiries. Compared with the local conceptual artists of the previous generation, Gao Lei and Li Nuavoid excessively-symbolic production and respond to the common circumstances by focusing moreon art itself. Just Imagine The exhibition, for the first time, will be presented in both the main gallery and the tunnel sub-spaceof Beiqiu Museum of Contemporary Art. The duo exhibition will be unveiled on March 30, 2024,and closed on June 30, 2024. June LEE,Dragon Temple East Lake , 2015 ~ Now, Couplet, red, paper, ink,brochure, paper, black and white laser print, saddle stitch, Dimensions variable,Courtesy of the artist Lin Ke,Download Rain No.2 , 2014, Video, performing arts, performance, 2 minutes34 seconds, Courtesy of the artist and BANKMABSOCIETY Xu Zhen,8848-1.86 , 2005, Single-channel digital video (colour, sound)8 minutes, Courtesy of the artist and MadeIn Gallery

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